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Kimmmm. (:
05 April 2020 @ 06:00 pm
To make life easier ;p

Tick Tock Tick TockCollapse )
Anything you'd like to ask about these? Comment on this entry. (:
Feeling: boredbored
Musicing to: PIKANCHI DOUBLE - Arashi
Kimmmm. (:
16 January 2010 @ 06:15 pm

→ Reply to this post by copying and pasting the form below.
→ Reply to other people's threads.
→ NO BASHING, FLAMING ETC. It's a friending meme k.
→ Uh, make friends.

Kimmmm. (:
29 December 2009 @ 08:39 pm

Yes, it's another one of those icon crit memes. But I'm sure you all still get curious about what people think of your icons. No Anonsense (ha-ha I'm so funny) because this isn't a place for hate. IP logging is still on as well.

→ Comment with your username, the community(ies) you post in and 4-15 icon examples.

→ Reply to other people with constructive criticism.

→ If you can't handle concrits, then I suggest you do not post here.

→ BE POLITE. No bashing, wank, flaming etc.

→ Pimp it out:
Kimmmm. (:
25 November 2009 @ 09:27 pm
Title: By Chance (temp)
Author: kimmu_chan (Kim/MEEE)
Pairing(s): Hikato (Hikaru x Keito) A small dialogue for Okajima (Keito x Yuto)
Words: 1415
Rating: PG for now I guess
Summary: It's funny how things work out sometimes. They know nothing about each other, yet they've been so close all this time. Then one day, chance brings them together; only time will tell if it was the right person to encounter.

It appeared that Hikaru and Keito couldn’t hear her, too absorbed into their conversation.Collapse )
Kimmmm. (:
16 November 2009 @ 09:51 pm
Title: By Chance (temp)
Author: kimmu_chan (Kim/MEEE)
Pairing(s): Hikato (Hikaru x Keito) A smal dialogue for Okajima (Keito x Yuto)
Words: 1211
Rating: PG for now I guess
A/N: No summary 'cause I absolutely FAIL at summaries. So yeah, I'm starting a new fic and completely neglecting my other one(s). Anywho, it's my first multichap done for an OTP (not to mention THE BEST OTP /coughcough). It's also been a while since I touched the fanfic scene, so it might be a bit rough around the edges. I'll probably post the next chapter next week (: Comments and concrits are ALWAYS welcome! Oh yeah, I know there actually might be a few typos, I didn't edit the spelling 'cause I fail, but with that aside, enjoy! ><

His teeth began to chatter from the cold, and people now took another glance at him as they all passed by him.Collapse )
Kimmmm. (:
30 August 2009 @ 09:44 pm
the word association meme

♣ Comment with your username
♣ People will reply to your thread with a random word that they think fits you best
♣ Friendly bashing between friends is okay
♣ Don't start anything, or I swear I'll hunt you down. Yes you.