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Maximum Exposure.

Kimmmm. (:
KIMMUCHANThis is foukay's fanfiction journal. She also posts her blogcrews here. Her graphics are posted in dormandy, incoherentbish, vous_le_savez, saranghaeng, and crownedroyals. Feel free to friend this journal for any fic/blogcrew updates.
"fop shotos", arashi, briyani is the best, bubble tea, cg, chips, crawling in holes, daiki wants ryu, dairyu rape♥, easily addicted, flailing ish a sport, french vanilla, graphics, harry potter, hey say jump, hey!say! jump, hg, hikato pwns, hikato+ohmiya=happy me, honey krueler, hsj, i hate units, i should be sleeping, i win, i'm bored, iced capp, iced capps, incoherency, je, jj, johnny's entertainment, kanjani8, kat-tun, keito and guitar, kis-my-ft2, kiwi, kiwi+ninja=kija, music, news, nicknames are essential, ninja kiwi pwnage, ohmiya, ohmiya ish perversion, paperwaster, paramore, peace, photography, photoshop, quoting ashley, reading, rebel angels, riida, sakuraiba ish pure crack, sakuraiba rabu~, save the trees!, simple plan, sleeping, takaki's a pedo?!, the maine, tim hortons, to, weirdo, what's?!, yb, yui, zutara pwns♥, über power